HNU celebrates Sixteen in 2017

Holy Name University is to celebrate its annual HNU Days this February 15-18, 2017. Bearing the theme “HNU: Sixteen in 2017”, the activity is centered on celebrating on what started as a fond dream that has now become an existing reality—the university status of Holy Name University, which was then the Divine Word College.   This institutional event also brings the entire HNU family—the administration, faculty, staff, students and the alumni—together.

Each of the four-day activity is guided with a theme:

February 15: “Animating the Rejoicing”– Opening of the Celebration

The activities during the first day of the HNU Days include the Wreath-Laying Ceremony, Opening Mass, HNU Family Dinner and the Festival Show and Dances. The Wreath-Laying Ceremony, which will be held at the Memorial Hall fronting Bates building, commemorates the dearly departed Holynamian employees and alumni. There will be a procession before the celebrating of the opening mass to be celebrated by Fr. Ruel Lero, SVD the Vice President for Academic Affairs. A showdown of the recessional shall signal the start of the frolics and the Zumba. The HNU Family Dinner at the Janssen gym is to be participated by the HNU Employees and Special Guests. The Festival Show and Dances entitled “Florante the Dreamer” will follow after. It features the best performances of the HNU Chorale, Himig Diwa, Baseline, and Falcon Academy with the special participation of the talented HNU employees and alumni.

Part of the HNU Days celebration is the Academics, Literary, Music and Arts (ALMA) Fest that is now on its second year. It is sponsored by HNU’s three major organizations, namely: Central Student Government (CSG), Campus Student Organization and The WORD. The festival aims to celebrate the various crafts of each Holynamian and to be an different venue where students can harness their different talents and capabilities. The first ALMA Fest contest to be held on the opening day, Spoken Word Poetry with Filipino and Bisaya categories, will serve as the launching of the ALMA Fest 2017 celebration.

February 16: “Animating Talents”– HNU Students’ Day-Out

The second day of the HNU Days will also be the second day of the ALMA Fest which consists of contests Academic Race, Essay Writing, Quiz Bowl, Vocal Solo and Duet, Modern Jazz, Song Composition, Fruit Carving and Poster-making. Other simultaneous activities will take place such as the Student’s Campus Dance and Costume (Hobo) Parade with the HNU mascot “Falco”, opening of exhibit Student’s Best Work outputs and Entrepreneurial Booth display, various games at the HNU Oval, a University Forum on Safety and Health of Employees in the Workplace, and a stage play entitled “Pangandoy” by the Junior High’s Dramatics Club.

February 17: “Animating the Witnessing”– Break time with a Cause

Break time with a cause is scheduled for all HNU employees on the third day. The activity is a departmental outing with a community service to a certain community of their choice.

Meanwhile, the student activities will continue until the LIVEFEST: Momentum-The Concert, a CSG sponsored activity that will feature local artist, Bamboo Mañalac. The concert-for-cause aims to help the scholars HNU and for the building of the CSG Dream Project.

February 18: “Animating Gratefulness and Success”- Culminating Activities

The last day of the HNU Days has two parts: the Closing of the Frolics and the Alumni time. The Closing of the Frolics will comprise of a presentation of the Community Service Video documentation and a field demonstration which will be performed by the Basic Education Department, the sponsoring department of the entire HNU Days.

As HNU celebrates sixteen years of its university status, it continues to aim to for trailblazing excellence in the years to come and to have it manifested through its fruits—the Holynamians.


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