Lovely Bones

My lovely bones,

Where have you been lately?

Your absence is stressing me

Have I treated you wrongly?

I’ll show you how much I’m sorry


My lovely bones,

It’s dinner; Mama calls me now

I long for you to come out

I pretend to sleep on the couch

As my head swims with doubts


My lovely bones,

It’s no use; Mama insists

I look at the time: it’s six

They say don’t do ‘that’ before it is

Unfortunately, I can no longer resist


My lovely bones,

I’m sorry, I’m totally sorry!

I succumbed to do such felony

But now, don’t you ever worry,

Dinner is nowhere inside of me


My lovely bones,

Are you hiding from me?

When they see me, you’re all they see!

They say you are poking through me

In my eyes, you’re nowhere to be seen


My lovely bones,

In front of the mirror, there I sat

And I saw myself in one word: fat

But it’s otherwise that everyone spats

They say I’m nowhere near that


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