How to make (experiment) a Pineapple-Cucumber Smoothie!

Disclaimer: I’m not a professional what-not so this how-to was just based on how I did it. I just loved Persona Mesa’s Pineapple Cucumber Shake (I forgot its exact name on the menu) and since I am too poor and too lazy to visit Persona Mesa again, I just made my own version to satisfy my cravings.

What you need:

  1. Pineapple (of course)
  2. Cucumber (duh)
  3. Crushed Ice
  4. Honey
  5. Milk (whatever milk you would want to add. Be it condensed, evaporated… powdered? Whatever suits your liking.)
  6. Crushed Ice
  7. Sugar (optional)
  8. Blender
  9. Measuring spoon/s

Now the ingredients from this little experiment of mine are just made up; although I did a little research from my good ol’ friend Google. I just used whatever was available and lying around in our kitchen (Well, except for the pineapple and the cucumber of course. Pineapples and cucumbers don’t just “lie around” the kitchen because they don’t have a long shelf life. Why am I explaining the obvious?!)

The Process:

  1. Slice the “sliceables”.


  2. Measure the “measurables” but you have the freedom to choose not to.
  3. Mix all the “mixeables”.
  4. Blend well the “blendables” with the help of the Blender, of course.
  5. Serve the “servable”



I am so trying hard at making it look artsy that of what you usually see on instagram and all that uber awesome food blogs. Well, another disclaimer: I am not a food blogger, I’m just a food lover. Chos.

Happy slurping!



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