KDrama Review: MONSTAR

(This drama review was posted way back 2012. Forgive the unforgivable grammatical errors.)

I am watching MONSTAR because of four reasons, not necessarily in this order, but here it goes:
1. Yong Jun Hyung, B2ST’s rapper, is the male lead here. And I love him. (But I love Son Dong Woon, his co-member in Beast, the most the best the greatest and all superlatives. Well it’s just very natural to love my own husband). I want to see (and critique) his rookie acting. I mean it’s his first ‘landing’ in the field of acting so it would be just natural for me to be curious of what his performance would be. Like will it suck or will it deserve a thumbs up. (?) I can’t wait to see him composing songs in action. I mean, I’ve never really seen the way he composes his awesome self-penned songs. And because he’s cool. Really cool.

2. I like the genre. I’m a sucker for romantic comedies. And musical is a plus. I like musical too. *can’t wait to get my hands to download their OSTs!*

3. I like the plot. That common plot when cocky/bad/arrogant boy would eventually have his heart softened by a curious-looking/innocent/frank girl who’s neither an anti-fan or a fan of him. So cliche. But I love cliche stuff so your argument is invalid… if ever you have one. And I like the way music is injected to the plot. (lol, injected. that.term.is.so.idk)

4. Four members of BTOB are part of the cast! I’m not really a super dedicated Melody but I like them!

Just last two Fridays ago, this drama aired in Channel M. We don’t have a cable tv but hello? Internet is fully alive and existing (duh to myself) And I even watched the raw version due to sheer excitement. I acted as if I could understand what they were talking about. Makes me feel that I am a Korean and that I could understand Hangul due to the mere fact that I was watching the raw version. Pa. The. Tic.

When I watched the last 2 Episodes, I was like hungry for more episodes. I was like ‘urgh friday why come so slow?!’. I was like ‘another reason to love fridays during school days’. I was like ‘channel m, why can’t you just give me the dvd with its whole episodes and I’ll return it the next day; I’ll just copy it into my PC and get done with it’. I was like overusing ‘I was like’ and it sounds so annoying already.

I may sound like Monstar is really very super ohmygee all-superlatives great, but for me it really is. If you watch it and my opinion doesn’t suit yours well I’m telling you: We.Don’t.Have.The.Same.Tongue and We.Are.Not.Alike. Well, nobody is. (I hope you know what I mean about the tongue; it means taste.) But I really like this drama. It’s musical, romcom, cliche and light. Really light that you yourself when watching it would wonder ‘what is so lovable with this? It’s so common!’ Well I’ve asked myself with that same question and I cannot answer it… yet I’m loving it.

(2017 me asks: WHAT did i just write here?)

(2012 me asked: WHY are you posting this?)


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