Taiwanese Drama Review: FABULOUS BOYS

(This drama review was posted way back 2012. Forgive the unforgivable grammatical errors.)


FABULOUS BOYS. Taiwan’s remake of the Korean Drama that swept my whole being last 2009: YOU’RE BEAUTIFUL.


I found out about this when I was browsing for good Korean dramas to watch @ dramacrazy.net. When I  came across a small picture with ‘Fabulous Boys’ at the side, the first thing that came into my mind was ‘I bet it’s like You’re Beautiful’. I right-clicked it to a new tab and ignore it for a while. When I had enough browsing, I checked out the tabs I’ve opened. When it was Fabulous Boys’ tab, I immediately went straight to the Description which goes like this: “Taiwanese remake of a hit drama You’re Beautiful.”

My thought’s were almost right. Only that it was not only like You’re Beautiful but is actually a Taiwanese remake of it. I hurriedly clicked Episode 1. While it was loading, my thoughts were like “Better not ruin the image of You’re Beautiful with your remake”. I hit play when it was finally loaded.

The female lead, Gao Mei Nan (played by Cheng Yu Xi)  is cute and pretty! Good. Very good.

The taiwan version’s intro was not like the korean one. But there’s a surprise:

TADA! It’s the original and Korean version’s Gao Mei Nan (Go Mi Nam in the Korean Version) played by me eversofavorite Korean actress, Park Shin Hye. The one at the right is Fabulous Boys’ female lead! *cute too* She had an awesome cameo and when she appeared as the one who did something mischievous at the church,


my heart skipped a beat and memories of her as Go Mi Nam and my You’re Beautiful moping days flooded back in my head.

Park Shin Hye said this, stating that the Taiwan version’s starting episode is not alike with the K version’s. But so far, it was good.. even ridiculous esp. when the IPod/IPhone/IWhatever (i.am.technology.illiterate.sorry) landed at the priest’s table. The horror!

Then appeared the eversofabulous A.N.Jell now taiwanese version, so far their vocals were good. When their faced were focused, I realized the one playing as Huang Tai Qing (Hwang Tae Kyung in K version) is none other than Jiro Wang! The one who always played as the funny guy in every love triangle in Hana Kimi and It Started With A Kiss! This is a first for me to see him to have the bad boy role. I hope he will destroy my first impression of mine with this discovery (….)

After watching the whole Episode 1, I began searching its cast. I was shocked that the other guy of the love triangle (or square, since Jeremy liked Go Mi Nam too, only that he thinks she’s a boy) is a Korean! His real name is Hwang In Deok. He participated in tvN’s  audition reality show Flower Boy Casting: Oh! Boy last 2011. And he’s 21! Jiro is 32, and Yu Xi is 25! Still young for me. But he played well.

And here’s Evan Yo as Jeremy! I hope he would be as cute as the Jeremy in K versions!

Of course, this is a remake. Not all of the scenes in the K Version will be exactly the same. It’s a remake but still it has to be some differences and some original parts! What would be the thrill if there wouldn’t be changes and what would Fabulous Boys have something new to introduce to the viewers that was not found in the original version? AYT?

I could only hope that this version would be awesome as the original was. I also hope Philippines will also have its own version… but I think the casting will be quite vague.

SO FAR, Episode One was really good. 4.5 stars! the .5 is for my other personal reason… I mean, I’ve watched Taiwanese dramas for a long time and this is the 1st for the past 2 or 3 years. So I was not used to hearing their language. I was used to Korean’s light spoken language. But for sure, as I’ll keep on watching this (I guarantee you that I will. I really will) I will eventually be accustomed in hearing their language just like years back.




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