Penned a Song Since 194go10

I was about to do the laundry but I bumped into a muse. I was not able to get a hold of her but I got a strand of her hair. It rendered me a short hum then that hum start bearing words. It’s just so-so and I don’t even know why I had the nerve to post this… maybe I just want to put life on this blog or I’m just happy I got to write a song since forever that I really had to document the process.

So, here goes nothing: 
You and your subtleties

Don’t know with you or it’s just me

You are a ‘suddenly’

If I give your every thought a penny

Then I’d be struttin’ and stuck in poverty
Oh I love the sound of my name on your lips

And they way your eyes would speak and drift t’wards me

Don’t know if it means something to you but I made a dictionary out of you and your subtleties.
It’s not put together but whatever. I hope I’d be able to get back to this when I can find time (and not just steal like when I wrote and posted this one).


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