The Disappointed Idealist

The world is filled with uncertainties. As self-defense, you programmed yourself to be resilient when facing these. You were once an idealist filled with all the kinds of roses on your sleeves. But when you realized how the world works, all your roses were cut into two, stomped on the ground and crushed into smithereens. You were gravely disappointed, causing your outlook in life to … Continue reading The Disappointed Idealist

HNU celebrates Sixteen in 2017

Holy Name University is to celebrate its annual HNU Days this February 15-18, 2017. Bearing the theme “HNU: Sixteen in 2017”, the activity is centered on celebrating on what started as a fond dream that has now become an existing reality—the university status of Holy Name University, which was then the Divine Word College.   This institutional event also brings the entire HNU family—the administration, faculty, … Continue reading HNU celebrates Sixteen in 2017